Terminal Services Hosting Desktop Overview

ITD Hosting is a leading provider of hosted terminal services. Our terminal services hosting solution provides a connection to a Microsoft Windows Desktop which includes productivity suites such as Microsoft Office as well as other common desktop applications. With the ITD Hosting terminal services hosting you simply connect over the Internet to our hosted servers at the data centre and run your applications.

How it works

Your hosted terminal services desktop is hosted, executed, and maintained at a central location in one of our top tier data centre facilities. Our secure data centre facilities utilize a combination of high-quality hardware systems and multiple redundant internet connections to ensure your high speed, round the clock connectivity.
All you need to access your hosted terminal server infrastructure is access to a high speed internet connection. Your connection is used to transmit mouse and keyboard information to the terminal server and then the server transmits your screen information back to you. As the end user, the terminal service session is as seamless as using your normal desktop except it is hosted, managed and maintained in our data centre facilities.

Technical Details

Your connection to our secure data centre is made by a pre-installed applications typically based on the Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). We can provide you with excellent service to your workstations, as well as various mobile & handheld devices running a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others.


The Benefits of using Terminal Services Hosting with ITD Hosting include the following key items:

  • Lower IT Staffing Costs: The reduction or in many cases the complete elimination of your costs associated with employees providing information technology (IT) assistance. We provide the necessary technical support through a combination of telephone support and remote assistance direct to employee's remote desktop itself. We simply connect to your user that requires assistance and support them with any questions that they may have.
  • Automated Backups: Your data is always safe when using our hosted Windows terminal services solution. Backups are automated for you; by remotely hosting your desktop we are storing your files and automatically back them up for you. Such backups are done for you each night to our secure backup data centre facilities.
  • Reduced Software Costs: Your costs of buying software and upgrades for your organization are eliminated with our hosted terminal services solution. As an Official Microsoft Service Provider, all Microsoft products we offer such as Microsoft Office, Exchange, Windows Server, SharePoint and more are always kept up to date with the latest versions. You will never have to spend money to upgrade; all you have to do is continue with our hosted terminal server service and you will always be up to date.
  • Reduced Hardware Costs: Your costs of buying new hardware is drastically reduced or in most cases completely eliminated. ITD Hosting purchases the necessary servers and hardware for your organization and maintains it within our global infrastructure. Our scalable terminal services solution delivery allows for a dedicated IT infrastructure at a reduced monthly cost. Our standardized approach spreads the costs across a term, therefore eliminating your upfront costs for hardware and any repairs or replacement of the hardware in the future.
  • Accessibility: You can access and use your desktop anywhere with our terminal services hosting solution. For example: at your office desk, working from your home, on a laptop at an internet café or in a hotel room, as well as any other location you have internet service. The terminal services solution from Microsoft allows seamless integration and access from most mobile devices, PC’s, thin clients, and more.

Is This Service For You?

Many Small and Medium sized businesses frequently use a hosted terminal server or hosted desktop service to manage and maintain reliable access to their company data. We are seeing the addition of many larger company groups turning to a solution such as ITD Hosting especially when there is a need to respond to a job quickly and from distinct locations. Demand is especially common when users are faced with the large capital costs of establishing an IT infrastructure such as through purchasing servers and network hardware as well purchasing software and software updates. If your organization struggles from some or all of these concerns, our hosted terminal services service may be well suited for your business’s needs.

We offer a cost-effective, outsourced alternative to traditional LAN/WAN technologies. Through the use of server based processing technology, we can host one or all of your applications, reducing cost, maintenance and upkeep of your current LAN/WAN infrastructure. This technology is offered for a low monthly fee and delivered over the internet to wherever you and your employees may be. Traditional hosting of our Clients’ WEB sites, Microsoft Exchange, and POP Email are available at low monthly rates.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Utilizing Microsoft Exchange for email can provide the security and features that basic email lacks, such as synchronization with your smartphone and multiple computers. Microsoft Exchange 2010 delivers powerful new features such as an improved Outlook Web Access, better security, and stability for consistent service

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